Welcome to G Clark Hellery Design!

Hello to you! 

'G Clark Hellery Design' was created out of a passion for crafting and developing new skills in our daughter. We spent a lot of her early years painting, glueing, colouring and making. As she has grown, we have continued to strive to research child development milestones and design a range of crafting activities to challenge and build upon key skills. From building fine motor skills through colouring to learning how to sew or make a pom pom, each of our kits allows children to learn and develop new skills in a fun way. All of our kits are designed by us and each kit is made-to-order. We aim to buy our materials from local and UK-based companies to try to limit the distance they travel and try to ensure all materials are recyclable/compostable or can be reused so they are fun for the planet as well as your children.