Women in Horror Month 2018

I’m so excited. February marks the 9th Women In Horror Month. People are always shocked that I read, watch and write horror and that it’s been a passion of mine for years. There is an assumption that women don’t ‘do’  or ‘get’ horror but that’s simply not the case. For […]

Women in ‘toons

The Geena Davis Institue for Women In Media recently linked to research which showed that the cartoons and shows our children watch has a bigger impact on their career aspirations than their parents or teachers and in that context, it’s depressing viewing. Women are frequently shown as being subservient to […]

Fimo protection charms

Ah, protective charms. Humans have created signs and sigils with the aim of protecting them for millennia; from the eye of Horus, the cross, to gargoyles and more. Often not much more than a swirling line, they’re steeped in tradition and symbolism. Protective symbols and charms are all around us. […]