100Days of Happiness: Day Six

The toddlers Rose is blooming AGAIN! I can’t believe that we’re going to get some blooms in October and am hoping they’ll smell as amazing as the ones we had in the summer. Really lifted my spirits today as have a nasty virus so not much happiness going around! 
What made you happy today?


100 Days of Happiness: Day Five

After running our legs off in the park yesterday, today the toddler and I turned our attention to more important matters – the perfect biscuit to dunk in your tea! I’m a bit of a traditionalist and like bourbon creams, but we also tried shortbread with rich tea a firm no-no. I truly love these silly little conversations I get to have with the toddler and being able to enjoy sharing a lovely cuppa. What’s your favourite dunky biscuit?

What made you happy today?

100Days of Happiness: Day Four

Day Four of my 100 Days of Happiness challenge saw me sat at the top of the ‘big slide’ contemplating, as I often do when finding myself in daft situations (last week I was stuck inside a children’s climbing frame!) my life choices. However, the toddler and I had fun at the park and it makes me so happy that she wants to play with her daft mum. 

100 Days of Happiness: Day Three

It’s unusual that chores make me happy (although there is a certain satisfaction at seeing an empty laundry basket!) but I was happy starting to put the toddlers birthday gifts away today. One thing I’ve realised doing the 100 Days of Happinesss is that I’m feeling a lot more grateful for the different things and people who make me happy. Seeing all the beautiful gifts and cards th3 toddler received from her friends made me very happy and realised how blessed we are. (Ok, enough of the mulchy stuff!). I was also very happy that the toddler liked all the ‘Sarah and Duck’ decorations we made for her birthday, although I’m fairly certain we’ll all be sad when it’s time to take them down.

100 Days of Happiness: Day Two

Today was filled with lots of little ‘happies’. The toddler and I went for a walk and even though we were late to meet friends, we made sure we took time to kick up the leaves. She also Tok her favourite toy with her, a Stief bear which she’s had since she was born. He’s normally tucked up in bed so think he enjoyed the trip out as well. The pup made me laugh as she was perched on the sofa. She’s such a princess that she won’t sit on just one sofa cushion any more, but will frequently pull the back cushion down as well, plus she evidently needed an extra cushion as well! Such a spoiled dog! Hubby bought me a tea caddy as I love my loose leaf Earl Grey from Brew Tea Co so I’m hoping our tea cupboard will be a little tidier. And my final bit of happy was discovering a new series of ‘Tumbleleaf’ on Amazon. Not going to lie, hubby and I enjoy this show just as much as the toddler and he was a little grumpy to discover the toddler and I had started watching the latest series without him! 

What’s made you happy today?

100 Days of Happiness

Day One. I’ve decided to take part in the 100 Days of Happiness project. As I explained in my previous blog post, I’ve started to overlook the happy and focus a little too much on the mundane, routine and negative so hoping this will be a necessary pick-me-up reminder.

Today’s happy was this photo of an autumnal leaf, a lovely reminder of a fun, if slow walk with our little family. The toddler is still getting used to her new bike so was slow going but did give me time to enjoy the changing colours. 

What’s made you happy today?

Love isn’t…

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. According to statistics, one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic violence in their lives, with approximately two women killed by their partners per week. I’ve sadly had a couple of friends who’ve been involved in relationships which are not built on love, respect and treating each other with kindness. This was written after hearing about a friends beating at the hands of the man who supposedly loved her.

Love isn’t

Love isn’t arguments
Followed by blows
Asking forgiveness
With the giving of a rose

Love isn’t possession
And threats should you leave
Love isn’t restrictive
Not letting you breathe

Love isn’t impatient
Love isn’t unkind
Love isn’t playing games
That destroy your mind

Love isn’t stressful
Nail biting, or fearful
Love isn’t angry
Or constantly tearful

Love isn’t angry
Resentful or jealous
Love isn’t hurtful
Or cruelly malicious

Please heed my words
As you lovers abound
Treat people badly
What goes, comes around

If you or anyone you care about has been affected by domestic violence, please seek help. Here’s the link to the National Network to End Domestic Violence. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline, run by Refuge and Women’s Aid, on 0808 2000 247 – or if you are in an LGBT relationship, you can also call the helpline run by Galop UK on 0800 999 5428. Male victims can call also the Men’s Advice Line on 0808 801 0327.

In Search of Happiness

An old school friend, Kerensa undertook the ‘100 Days of Happiness Challenge’ back in  2014. To say she was in a challenging period is an understatement – her husband had sadly passed away, leaving her with a baby. She had to move her life back to the UK from the US, with all the assorted stress a house move takes, with the added challenge of shipping across continents then reestablishing her life in a new town. As she says herself, Kerensa was running on pure adrenaline and once that was gone, reality began to set in. In order to alleviate the mental fugue she undertook the challenge to take a photo every day of something which had made her happy, no matter how fleeting, and share it. It proved an inspiration for many of us to see her photos and hear how she was getting on.

Three years later, Kerensa has remarried and has a baby daughter. In honour of her first husband’s memory, she has decided to undertake the ‘100 Days Challenge’ again and I’ve decide to join her! Like so many, we’ve been facing our challenges here at Casa CH and I realised that even the ‘fun’ things are now starting to feel like an obligation. We’re also entering some of my favourite times of year – Halloween and Christmas but I know once the fairy lights come down, the melancholy sets in so it will be good for me to keep finding a little brightness in the winter.

Follow me on @bluebeaglebaby and check back here to see what has cheered me up during the day and let me know if you’re taking part too – I’d love to see your photos! 

The North Wind

The North Wind

The northward shift of the wind
Picked at the evening still
She sat on her porch and looked
Out over the trees and hills
That had caged her body
From youth to old age
Held prisoner in this place
Her life had moved along
She a mere voyeur

As her family grew strong
They escaped this valley
And never saw her again

The northward wind called to her

Her gaze fixing on the clouds
It’s intention was clear
It didn’t need to ask so loud
It wanted her attention
More demanding than a child

The time had come to join the wind
Which roared with the voices
Of ancestors long passed
They called to her to join their dance
As they passed her by

She knew she had to join them
And say to the valley goodbye

Make It Monday: Moth Repellant Pendants


We seem to be in the midst of the most quiet invasion ever at the moment, namely moths! They appear randomly all over the place and I’m determined they don’t eat any of our woollens so am fighting back!

Normally I buy the chemical ‘patches’ or insecticide soaked paper, but I can be very forgetful at removing them once they are no longer active and am more than a little paranoid that the Lamb or Pup will find them and decide they’re the latest chew-toy so, inspired by this post from Garden Therapy I decided to make some ceramic ‘pendants’ for our wardrobes which I soaked in cedar oil (I made these one weekend when I had a horrendous cold so kept adding more and more oil until hubby intervened as apparently the house stunk).

Cedarwood oil is derived from the cedar tree and can be bought in blocks, oil or resin. It is a natural moth repellent, with the added bonus that it’s non-toxic to dogs (obviously check with your vets if you have any doubts. There’s a plethora of products with cedar oil in aimed at removing fleas and ticks from dogs, with the added benefit that your furry best friend smells a little fresher too!), a major concern here at Beagle HQ.

The pendents were super simple to make and I think look adorable. I bought some air-drying clay which I rolled out, then using assorted cookie and play-doh cutters, I cut different shapes, using a straw to punch a hole for the string and of course I had to add a little dog paw for decoration. I left them to dry overnight, then started adding the oil, allowing it to sink in fully before adding more. As I said, I may have used a *little* too much. Once they were fully dried I tight some string around them, and then popped them between clothes, in cupboards and generally around the house. We’re now moth-free AND the house smells fantastic!

IMG_0613.JPGHave you made any natural moth repellents? What did you use? Let me know in the comments below.