Writing update: Book of Love ed. C A Yates

And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope however you’re spending your day, you’re getting to share it with those you love (even if its just with yourself!).

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Just a quick writing update. 2020 was tricky for so many reasons and I didn’t have a lot of time or energy to focus on my writing (hello homeschooling!). However, I did manage to get some short stories written and I’m very excited that my story ‘The Whale and the Moon’ was accepted for ‘The Book of Love‘ edited by the very lovely C A Yates.

Regular readers may remember I interviewed Chloë and you can reread her interview here. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with her before ‘The Book of Love’ comes out and I’ll be writing a little about my inspiration for my story, as well as trying some fun crafts as well.

Today, the Table of Contents was announced and I’m the last story in the anthology! I’ve always dreamed of finishing off an anthology so I’m extra excited. For more information and to see who else is feeling the love, check out the post by Chloë on the Fox Spirit website.

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