Wreath Wednesday

Wow, I can’t believe we’re nearly a week into February already! How are you enjoying Women in Horror Month? Did you enjoy the tasty ‘Dead Bread‘? And have you read my short story ‘Bright Lights‘? Today I’m looking at one of my favourite crafts: wreaths!

Wreath addict!
I love this heart wreath seen on my neighbour’s door

I’m not sure why, but I’ve become addicted to wreaths. If you read my post for the ‘12 Days of Giftmas‘, you’ll know I made a pom-pom themed wreath to decorate our door. Wreaths have long been associated with Christmas, with some believing the circular shape and evergreens used in their construction represent everlasting life. A friend of mine has several seasonal wreaths and they seem to be growing in popularity as I’ve seen several while out walking the dog.

A simple wreath made with an embroidery hoop and felt

A quick look on Pinterest and I found a number of Halloween-themed wreaths. With my ‘Nightmare Before Christmas‘ themed birthday this year it seemed to be the perfect time to make a ‘Jack’ wreath.

There is some incredible stunning Nightmare Before Christmas wreaths out there. I especially liked this the one made by ‘welcome to love to be in stitches’. It’s fantastic, isn’t it? I love the ‘Jack’ she’s created.

Wreath Wednesday

I decided to crochet a similar wreath, using an old styrofoam hoop. It was very simple to create the black and white lined piece which formed the base on the hoop. It was a little tricky sewing it into place and I think if I were to make another, I’d crochet around the hoop to save myself the hassle of sewing it together at the end. Anyway, I was very pleased with the final result.

 Then it was a case of deciding how to decorate the rest of the wreath. I had a Jack Skellington button so tied some silver and black ribbon into a bow and sewed Jack into the middle. I also knew I wanted to create the iconic hilltop. Luckily I still had some glittery felt from a previous project so I cut out the twisted hilltop from black felt, then glued it on to the glittery felt. I then sewed it onto the back of the crochet wreath.

And that’s it! What do you think? Have you been making wreaths for Halloween or Women in Horror Month? Let me know in the comments below. If you’re interested, there are more horror-themed wreaths on my Women in Horror Month Pinterest board.

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Pop back tomorrow for more Women in Horror Month fun!

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