Women in Horror Month: Apocalypse Girls

One of my first writing jobs was for ‘The Girls’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse‘. I have so many fond memories of a crazy summer writing about running in heels from zombies, knowing your apocalypse girl idols such as Adele Blanc-Sec, and looking at ‘things my mum taught me‘.

It was a fun, female collective where egos were firmly left at the door and we challenged each other to be as ridiculous as we would.

For Women in Horror Month, I realised there are so many ‘apocalypse girls’ in genre movies and fiction. They more often seem to have the lead or at least a more significant role than ‘girlfriend’, ‘abductee’ or ‘prop’ and it’s empowering to see women taking charge of space crafts or facing off against the serial killer. Hopefully we’ll see more gender parity in the future and inspire the next generation of Apocalypse Girls!

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