Women in Horror Month 2018

Women in Horror Month Challenge

I’m so excited. February marks the 9th Women In Horror Month. People are always shocked that I read, watch and write horror and that it’s been a passion of mine for years. There is an assumption that women don’t ‘do’  or ‘get’ horror but that’s simply not the case. For example, did you know Kathryn Bigelow (yup, THAT Kathryn Bigelow) co-wrote and directed a vampire move? And American Psycho, a film massively lauded for its nuance as well as its gore factor was directed by Mary Harron and let’s not forget that The Babadook continues to be voted one of the most frightening movies since it’s release in 2014. Not only was it written and directed by Jennifer Kent but stars the effervescent Essie Davis (as an aside, are you as excited as I am at the rumours of the Miss Fisher movies?). And that’s just movies! Many people laud Mary Shelley, but there are so many more I need to add to my already bulging TBR pile, including many from this list collated by MentalFloss.

The Challenge

To celebrate, I’ve created a daily challenge which I hope you’ll all join in with. I’ve broadened it a little to include science fiction and fantasy, mostly because it gives me a good excuse (as if I needed one!) to rewatch some of my favourite movies and reread some of my favourite books, as well as discovering lots of new genre books, films and games.

There is (hopefully) a nice variety of things to do during the challenge, from discussing your favourite ‘Scream Queen’ to movie reviews which either have a female protagonist or are directed by women. I’ll be adding a few short stories for ‘Short Story Saturday‘ but feel free to add links to your own work. I have also planned a few fun craft projects which I’m hoping

How can you take part?

It’s easy! Each day I’ll be posting here, with links on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so simply get in touch with your comments, suggestions or photos. I’d love to hear from you about your favourite female-led characters and adventures as well of course, as directors, authors, designers and more. And don’t forget to share your pictures of your attempt at our ‘Monster Makes’ on Make It Monday.

I hope you’ll join me in making this ‘Women in Horror Month’ a truly frightening, fun and gruesome celebration!

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