What price for my soul?

I’ve worked at a number of temporary jobs, some good, some bad, some I couldn’t run out of quickly enough and others where I’ve made amazing friends. I’ve managed to use many of my experiences in my writing (one character in The Vampire’s Bodyguard’ is a culmination of all the horrid people I’ve worked for, including one who said ‘I’m not going to bother to learn your name as you won’t be here long enough for me to use it!’ I was offered a permanent job and went on to become her manager). During one particularly unpleasant assignment, I wrote this poem.

What Price for My Soul

What price for my soul

Job that takes without giving

People without humour

Mind numbing tedium

No explanation given

In this colourless land

The grim overlord

With whipping glare

I know the price for my time

But no matter what you do

You’ll not have my soul

Because I will escape

Perhaps to new overlord

Or lands unknown

But always to my writing

Where words are my soul

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