Welcome to Women in Horror Month!

With my weapons of mass creation: crochet hook, paintbrush and pencil!

And hello to you my horrible lovelies, or should that be lovely horrors? It’s the most wonderful time of the year (no, the OTHER most wonderful time!) where we celebrate Women In Horror Month! It’s now in its tenth year which is amazing and goes to show that girls love to scare the Bojangles off of everyone just as much as the next zombie (or vampire, or werewolf. We’re very inclusive).


I’ve always loved horror. I was raised on monster stories, tales of the mythical and supernatural from all over the world and visits to ‘haunted’ houses, my world was filled with the spooky and suspenseful. I’ve always loved a good scare and still remember visiting my local video store where they had a range of ‘B’ horror movies. I always preferred the monster or supernatural movies over the slashers but then Scream came out in the ’90s rapidly followed by its inferior copies and I was hooked all over again!

You may remember last year I attempted a daily challenge for WiHM where I looked at some of my favourite movies, discussed who you wanted in your gang at the end of the world, posted short stories and even attempted some crafting with the Lamb (yes, even little ’uns enjoy a gentle scare!). It was a lot of fun and was great to meet others who love the horror genre so I thought I’d try another challenge this year. 

This year’s challenges are a little more craft-based, in part because I enjoy expressing my love of horror through crafting, and I’m trying to challenge myself to try new crafts or new techniques. If you read our Make It Monday posts, you’ll know the Lamb loves crafting so a more ‘crafty’ challenge means she can get fully involved in what I’m making which is far more interesting than seeing Mama with her laptop. I also realised last year that blogging daily is a massive challenge, especially when looking after a mini horror and her hell hound! 

So, what can you expect from this year’s challenges? Well, there’s still ‘Short Story Saturday’ where I’ll be posting a new short story every week and readers are welcome to add links to their own blogs or short stories in the comments. I’ll also be looking at some of the objects or places which have inspired me in my writing. There’s also my usual Make It Monday features with a creepy twist, plus Movie Reviews highlighting female directors or actresses. Like any good horror story, there are also a few twists with some fun things for all the family. I hope you enjoy, and join in with some of the challenges, tagging me in your photos on Instagram or Twitter. 

And here it is! A month of horrific fun. Today it’s all about introductions so if you’re new to my website, my name’s Geraldine. I write fantasy, horror and science fiction with three novels currently published as well as assorted short stories in different publications, as well as some free fiction here. I also love crafting, with a passion for crochet, but I also make cards and have started felting. Lots of lovely makes available in my shop and I’m always happy to do commissions. With a young daughter and a crazy beagle (the Lamb and Pup) as well as a very patient hubby, I have my hands full but the best way to relax is to pop on my favourite horror movie and create! Make sure you say hi in the comments below and keep popping back for more Women in Horror Month fun!


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