Welcome back!

Welcome back!

Welcome Back!

And hello to you! Welcome back to my website, it’s been far too long. Grab a cuppa and I’ll tell you all about what I’ve been up to.

When we last spoke, I was telling you about my impending arrival and the problems I had been suffering with pelvic girdle pain as well as the chaos our new puppy was causing. However, an amazing mini human was brought into the world by the fabulous team at my local hospital and how I’m a mum to two amazing girls, one furry, one not so furry. 

I took longer than I had planned as maternity leave from my writing. I was surprised to discover that I enjoyed being a mum (as crazy as it sounds, I had thought I’d be desperate to get back to work and adult conversation, turns out, it was the complete opposite!). I adored spending time with my daughter, discovering her quirks and personality as well as trying to guide her to become the best version of herself. I’ve loved learning how to train a puppy, seeing her interact with my daughter, love her and play with her. I’ve spent my time doing footprint art, creating edible slime and going on adventures to the park, but it has meant those voices I spent so much time talking about (and to!) previously have been silenced for too long. However, lots of exciting things have been happening on the writing front. I’ve had my first Young Adult novel ‘Akane: The Last of the Orions’ published by Fox Spirit Books, a couple of short stories published in different anthologies and I’m now Commissioning Editor for ‘Kit the Fennec‘, an imprint of Fox Spirit Books focussing on publishing books for 9-12 year olds.

I’ve also set up a small crafting business which was a good creative outlet while I wasn’t writing. It started as I was trying to up-cycle some of the more precious items of my daughters clothing into bibs, and has just grown from there to include bags, clothes (oh yes, I made a skirt for myself that didn’t a) fall apart or b) look totally awful) and decorations. Thanks to a new addiction to Pintrest I’ve got a lot more crafting projects to do so I hope you’ll like what I’m working on and share your own work.

So, what can you expect from the new website? Well there will be much of the same, with movie reviews every Monday, a mix of Wacky Wednesday and Writer Wednesdays as well as the odd Friday Fiction, random musings, interviews with inspirational women who’ve chosen their own path and I’m sure the odd Righteous Rant. (I’ve discovered since becoming a mother that I find a lot more to rage about, from the genderisation of our children before birth to the removal of women from history and even movie merchandise.) I’m also working on living a more eco-friendly life so I hope you’ll join me in experimenting with natural cleaners, cloth nappies and more! There’ll also be jokes and more so I hope you join me on this crazy ride we call life.

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