Wassaling at Beagle HQ

Wassaling at Beagle HQ

I came across wassailing one day while walking the dog in our local park. There was a group of people singing to the trees and tying ribbons around some of the fruit trees. There was free warmed cider involved and with it being a very chilly January day, I stopped for a drink and to find out what on earth was going on. 

It turns out that this group were wassailing, a tradition in parts of the UK, notably Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Herefordshire. The idea is that the trees need to be 'woken' from their winter slumber and to cast any evil spirits away. The pup and I watched as the group moved among the fruit trees of our local park, singing the wassail song and pouring cider on the roots of the trees.

I didn't think about wassailing again until lockdown 2021 when schools were suddenly shut due to the coronavirus. I was looking for different activities to do and ways to incorporate local history and traditions when I remembered wassailing. I have to admit, hubby and the mini human thought I was mad as I dubbed them the 'Wassail King and Queen' before marching them around the garden, chanting to the trees. However, I think the mini human loved banging on saucepans to chase away evil spirits (and wake any neighbours hoping to have a Sunday afternoon nap!). It's a treasured and fun, if slightly strange, memory for us.  

It is fantastic to see old traditions being carried on and I wanted to share those when we created our 'Spring Craft Box'. In the box is a sheet with the wassail song printed for you to colour then sing to the trees. Remember to leave a treat for the tree spirits and to also make a lot of noise to chase away evil spirits! There are loads more activities in our Spring Craft Box, including face masks to colour, a nature walk bingo, decorative floral hangings and so much more. The perfect way to beat the winter blues. 

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