Tombstone Bath Bombs

Phew, all that running around, slaying demons and falling in love with vampires is tiring stuff (guess who’s in the middle of a Buffy rewatch?) so I thought we’d pause for a few and enjoy a relaxing bath with our tombstone bath bombs!

Regular readers (hello you!) will know we love making bath bombs here at Beagle HQ. They’re exceptionally easy to make, and the Lamb loves choosing what essential oils should go in different batches. We also get to have fun adding food colouring (I keep promising we’ll upgrade to proper soap dyes at some stage, but for now the food dye is working well) and mixing our potions.

I used our usual recipe to mix up these bath bombs, then used the cookie cutters we got with our copy of ‘A Zombie Ate My Cupcake’ by Lily Vanilli to press our gravestones. We chose not to add any colouring for this batch as I didn’t think the writing I planned to do on them would show up if the bath bomb was dyed. Once they were dry I used some felt pens to write the inscriptions, including ‘Death Wishes’, ‘WIHM’ (Women in Horror Month) and the traditional ‘RIP’. I also added some cracks in the gravestones as well as some vines and grass.

How fun do they look? And with the lavender/peppermint essential oil combo the Lamb chose, they smell deadly delicious too.

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