Starting again, a blank page

I originally started my blog when we first returned to the UK. As a writer starting out, I was constantly told I had to have a media platform before agents or publishers would consider my work so I dutifully started logging my random musings, movie reviews and assorted mad happenings. It slowly grew until it included links to interviews, articles I'd written for other websites, reviews, photos and more. However, with the imminent arrival of my daughter, I stopped blogging and as the months slowly rolled by I found I still had lots to say, but annoyingly no proper time to allocate to getting it out there and eventually the hosting ran out on my website and I chose not to renew it, stupidly before transferring all my work over to here. I'm only now realising how much I lost: random thoughts on the pups first day at day care, reviews of Nine Worlds and other conventions, photos of 'Bob the spider' who terrorised me for months and so much more. Still, I have a new website, and am starting again. in some respects my life now with a pup and the baby is like a shiny new page. I hope you'll join me on my new journey.....
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