Secret Agent Craft Box – Agents in Training Day 4

Hello Agent, Silver Puffin here at Beagle HQ.

Hope you’re enjoying your Half Term break.

Have you been working your way through your Secret Agent boxes? We’ve been working on our wrist communicators as we need to be in constant communication with HQ about important missions like who’s doing the tea run! Don’t forget, instructions for making your straw topper and wrist communicator are available on my blog and if you take a photo, be sure to tag #BeagleHQ as we’d love to see them.

We’ve also enjoyed writing coded messages and using our ciphers to decode them.

As part of our plan to keep you agents busy during Half Term, we’ve written some fun phrases for you to decode. Check out the image below, then use your cipher to decode it.If you would like to order one of our boxes, you can via our online shop or Etsy. You can also order additional sticker sets and even a personalised birthday card!

Also, be sure to pop back every day during the February half-term as we’ll be posting a special coded message each day for your Secret Agent to decode. Once you’ve decoded all the phrases, send them to us at Beagle HQ. Agents who correctly decode them all, will receive a FREE pdf certificate.

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