Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who Is The Baddest One Of All?

We were really lucky to be able to visit Disneyland Paris this year, just before Lockdown happened. The first time we visited Disneyland Paris, it was during their Halloween festival when the ‘baddies’ take over the park and we got to meet Maleficent and see the Wicked Queen, Lady Tremaine with her horrid daughters Anastasia and Drusella as well as Gaston and more.

My attempt to make a Jack Skellington keyring was met with approval when I met Jack himself at Disneyland Paris

I had made a mini Jack Skellington and Ursula for our first trip and received some lovely comments (especially from Jack Skellington himself!) and seeing people like my makes added to the happy memories.

Care to make a deal?

The baddies were, well very bad but they were definitely the highlight of our trip. Disney has managed to create some of the most memorable baddies ever and it’s hard to know who is my favourite (I love old school Maleficent, especially when she turns into a dragon, but Madam Mim is fantastically bonkers and plays by her own rules).

Madam Mim looks to upgrade her digs

Going back this year, I wanted to take a bit of ‘bad’ with me, (especially as it was the ‘Frozen’ Celebration, which isn’t a favourite here at Beagle HQ) so I created this range of miniature, amigurumi dolls.

Who’s the baddest one of all?

Bad never looked so cute!

Luckily no puppies were harmed in the making of this doll

I managed to make Ursula, The Wicked Queen, Maleficent, Madam Mim and Cruella de Vil before we went. Each doll follows a similar pattern but it was tricky making sure the ‘details’ were right on each.

Don’t forget to invite Maleficent to your party or she gets a *bit* upset

I think making Cruella’s wild hair and Maleficent’s horns were the trickiest parts of to make, but each doll is relatively small, standing at less than 10cm so it’s a lot of detail on not a lot of space.

If she offers you an apple, don’t take it

I absolutely LOVE these mini amigurumi and they were so much fun to make. I’ll be making more to complete my set (The Shadow Man from The Princess and the Frog is next on my hook!). I will also be adding the option for you to order personalised miniature dolls like these as keyrings in my shop so either pop over to the Amigurumi section to order, or contact me for more information.

I carried my crochet characters in their own sewn bag (see photo below), similar to those in my shop.

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