Meet the Maker: Recommend a Maker


In our ongoing series about Meet the Maker we’re today recommending a maker! I know some incredibly creative people, (I’m looking at you Handmade By Jo, Soap Daze to name two!) but I’m going to recommend ‘redfacedmonkey.’

Puny Gods.jpg

redfacedmonkey is a graphic designer based in Devon. He’s designed for a variety of different events and products, including the Puny Gods pop up cinemas, Holdfast Magazine, the Girls Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse and also my book covers! He’s highly professional and I think his designs are unique and varied, but then I might be biased seeing as he’s also my husband

Weird Wild.jpg

Seriously though, go and take a look at his work as it’s really great, filled with depth and highly colourful.

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