Meet the Maker: Inspiration


I’ve spoken before about my inspiration for doing what I do: my family. Hubby constantly drives me to improve and challenge my writing while I look for new recipes or ideas to give the girls a holistic lifestyle. Above is a photo of some natural, homemade lip balm and pup treats.

Since the birth of my daughter, I’ve become increasingly interested in natural remedies and plant-based lotions. For Christmas I made friends and family a delicious hand cream  which was a big hit so I’ve been inspired to look for and create more recipes. My current favourite is a foot cream which has ensured my toes are beach ready and a cocoa butter and orange oil lotion bar which makes the toddle smell like a walking chocolate orange – yummy!

I’ve also been working on some treats for the pup which I’ll post soon. In a similar way that we’re all trying to eat a little more healthily, I’m trying to cut out ‘processed’ treats from the pups diet (honestly, I don’t want to know what ‘crude ash’ is and why it needs to be in dog food!). She’s more than happy to act as taste tester so I’ll get some recipes posted soon.

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