May the Forth Be With You!

Happy Star Wars Day!

It’s very strange celebrating things during Lockdown but we love Star Wars and wanted to create a fun day for the Lamb. So we made biscuits, played games and of course, there was crafting involved!

First up was making sure we had enough treats for the day. You can’t battle the evil Empire on an empty stomach! We have a set of Star Wars silicone moulds which we’ve used to make different treats, including some Father’s Day treats for Mr Beagle.

We used the moulds to create some tie fighters, Darth Vaders, Millennium Falcons and of course everyone’s favourite droid, R2-D2!

We also had a go as ‘wookie cookies’ and ‘ewok biscuits’. Because they were for hubby, I veganised the biscuit recipe from the BBC but removing the egg and replacing it with two teaspoons of chia seeds which had soaked in boiling water and swapped the butter for vegan spread. We also added two teaspoons of cocoa powder, just because! Once cooled, the Lamb helped decorate using icing – don’t they look fabulous!

Ewok biscuits with their trademark hoods
The eyes went a little wonky on our Wookie cookies but they still tasted delicious!

We used crepe paper to create ‘lasers’ down the hallway. It was fun to try and test our ‘Jedi’ skills – until the Pup decided it was snack time and charged through the lot, taking all the lasers with her! (Hence no photos!)

The Family Disney website has LOADS of fun Star Wars activities and colouring pages (always a good activity to occupy little people) but our favourite was this code breaker activity from ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story‘ (woefully under-appreciated in my opinion!). It was fun to learn some Aurebesh with Qi-ra and break the code.

And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a bit of crochet! I made ‘Leia’ to take to Disneyland Paris but completed ‘Rey’ as a gift for the Lamb.

And that was our day! Phew! How did you spend May the Forth? Hope you and yours kept safe and had fun. May the force be with you.

Here’s a photo from Disneyland Paris when Chewie held my Leia crochet doll. We’d queued for HOURS to meet Rey and Chewie but it was totally worth it. He cried a bit when he saw my Leia and Rey said they all miss her very much.

Chewie holds my Princess Leia crochet doll at Disneyland Paris

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