March Meet the Maker: Brand Image

When I set up @BlueBeagleBaby one of the hardest things was to choose a name. At the time I was working on a secret project with an online friend and for fun we used call signals on twitter. Mine was Blue Beagle. I liked the alliteration but there are a number of blue beagles so I added the baby because at the time my main focus was baby clothes and accessories. I designed my own logo band really love it because I feel it sums up what @BlueBeagleBaby is all about - items made with love, a mix of fun and a lot of 'paw-sonality'. If you've met me at a writers conference, you'll know I have a love of fifties style dresses and heels. As a writer of horror,science fiction and fantasy, I love playing with pre-conceived ideas of how writers, especially female genre writers, should look (were not all like Gollem, shrivelled over our precious paper, well most of the time. Nor are we all goths, weirdos or wear black with bats!) and since my first FantasyCon where I attended the 'grow your brand' panel (sorry, I can't remember who was on it) I've aimed for bright and floaty dresses and heels to die for (or kill with, depending on my mood!).
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