Make it Monday: Stained glass window decorations

Phew, are you trying to keep your mini people occupied as well? Lockdown has been HARD hasn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, we’ve loved having the extra time to spend together as a family, but trying to find fun activities to occupy a 5year old has been a challenge.

We’ve built forts, played in the garden, created ‘things’ out of junk and made the rainbows for our window as well as the assorted home learning activities the Lamb’s school has kindly provided, but there’s still that afternoon lull when, frankly Mama and Daddy are too shattered for much yet the Lamb is still ready for fun.

It’s been tempting to put on Disney Plus and we have more than I’d like to admit but while watching Rapunzal flipping her pan that I saw some children walking up our road looking for rainbows and bears that I had an idea: create some ‘stained glass’ featuring the logo of different Disney princesses and set everyone the challenge of guessing who they were.

Luckily we had the supplies ready to go (sticky-backed plastic for the win!) so then it was a case of deciding what logos to use for each princess. The Lamb helped with drawing and cutting them out of black paper. We stuck them onto sticky-backed plastic, then we tore tissue paper into small pieces to create the stained glass effect. It was a LOT of fun, but extremely time consuming. In fact, it took us a few weeks to get them all finished!

Still, they look really good in our window and there’s been quite a few children (and adults!) stopping to guess who is who. Here’s they all are – can you guess them all? Answers at the bottom.

  1. Ariel 2. Belle 3. Jasmine 4. Aurora 5. Moana 6. Cinderella 7. Rapunzel 8. Merida 9. Pocahontas 10. Snow White 11. Mulan 12. Tiana
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