Make It Monday: Mother’s Day paper flowers

It was Mother’s Day yesterday here in the UK and other parts of the world. I hope all you mums out there, be your children biological, from other tums, step children, adults (I’ve known plenty of these who care for others!), furry (or scaly, slimy, feathery or otherwise!) or who’s babies gained their wings too early, had a peaceful, relaxing and fun day.

I was lucky to be thoroughly spoiled by my girls. They bought me some beautiful flowers and scrumpy chocolates, which I shared with the toddler whilst the pup had one of her new, vegan treats (more on those later in the week). Hubby kindly kept my tea flowing and a peaceful afternoon of crochet meant my new hat was finished.

However, Mother’s Dsy isn’t the same without a beautiful homemade gift. In-keeping with our efforts to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, we decided to make use of an old loo roll for this fun, simple craft.

We’ve recently been buying our loo roll, kitchen roll and tissues from a company called ‘Who Gives A Crap’. Their ‘no trees’ pledge means their products are either recycled or sustainably sourced (is there anything bamboo CAN’T be used for?) and all comes in fun packaging, which lends itself perfectly to craft projects.

The flowers and flower pot were ridiculously easy to make. We used the wrapper from the toilet roll to cover the cardboard. I really liked the raindrop pattern. Hubby frequently teases me about my Washi tape addiction but I think the rainbow tape accents look great.

We cut the bottom from an egg carton and painted them orange. We then cut yellow petals and arranged them into a flower shape, adding the orange centre to form a daffodil. These were then stuck them to biodegradable green straws. A play doh butterfly was a pretty detail. We added some photos of the girls to the centre of each flower, popped them in the ‘vase’ and we were done! What do you think?

Hope you all had a fun Mother’s Day!

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