Make it Monday: Make a Wish! New Year Wishing Stars

Happy New Year to you! Hope 2019 brings you all you desire.

I’ve always struggled to know how to celebrate the New Year with the Lamb and Pup. Before having the girls hubby and I celebrated in assorted ways from partying on beaches till dawn, house parties where we watched Jools Holland’s Hootenanny and even going to bed before 10 pm with a good book.

Our wishing stars, along with some smaller stars we also decorated

However, now the Lamb is growing, it seemed a good time for us to think about ways to celebrate in a child-friendly way.

For the last few years, I’ve set myself assorted Aims to do throughout the year. Some years have been more successful than others (I’ve yet to run that marathon but last year did get more writing done) so I thought it would be a fun idea to get the Lamb to think of a few realistic Aims (or wishes) for us to work on in 2019.

I was also keen to have our Aims displayed in a fun visual way. Some years the only way I can remember what I planned to do was when I found some scrappy piece of paper with ideas written on. We’re still in the midst of loving all things Disney so it seemed a fun idea to ‘Wish Upon A Star’ and our wishing stars were created.

When You Wish Upon A Star…..
We used cookie cutters to draw our stars

They’re a very simple make and don’t need many materials but look adorable. Using cookie cutters the Lamb and I drew a large star, then a smaller star inside. We carefully cut them out, then I used a scalpel to carefully cut out the internal star (warning: keep little fingers firmly away from scalpels and cutting boards while you’re doing this part!).

Carefully cutting out our stars

The Lamb, Hubby and I all chatted about our Aims. I was keen to include something about healthy eating but conscious that negative beliefs around food can be implanted in little minds early (as discussed in this post from A Mighty Girl. There’s loads of links for talking to girls about their weight and bodies so definitely worth a read) so suggested that one of my Aims was to eat more fruit and drink more water. Hubby and the Lamb agreed to do the same so we’ve all got a healthy Aim for 2019.

I also plan to get another novel written this year so that was another of my Aims, as well as doing a lot of crochet (that was kind of a given!) while Hubby wants to practice painting. We each took turns writing our Aims onto our stars. Then it was just a case of sticking our stars onto sticky-backed plastic. Grandad bought the Lamb lots of glitter for Christmas so we had fun choosing colours and covering our stars (and the house!) in glitter before laying another layer of sticky-backed plastic over the top.

Things get sticky with our stars!

A little string and our wishing stars were flying from our light.

How fabulous do they look? I’m hoping they’ll help keep us focussed and productive in 2019!

Did you set any Aims or Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below.

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