Make it Monday: Button up with button art!

Phew, it’s the summer holiday already! How are you enjoying yourselves?

It’s our first official ‘school summer holiday’ so I”m hoping to make it as fun as possible. However, having a look at some local events and activities, I realised prices can quickly escalate. So, I’ve set myself the challenge of having lots of fun, but on the cheap. I’ve made a list of free local activities such as the museum or feeding chickens at the farm as well as other things such as play dates, dog walks and of course lots of crafting (perfect for our changeable weather at the moment!).

The toddler has recently discovered Disney and it’s been super fun to rediscover shows and movies which hubby and I enjoyed as children, including Mickey Mouse and Lady and the Tramp. There’s also loads of new ones too, including the Disney Fairy movies, which is currently one of my, I mean, the toddler’s favourites.

A quick look on Pinterest showed a plethora of Disney themed craft ideas but the one which caught our eye was the ‘button art‘. It looked like a fun craft activity, which didn’t need too many supplies.

Button Art

For this craft activity you will need;

  • A printer
  • Paper or card
  • Buttons
  • Glue
  • Glitter (optional)

I’m very lucky: my family knows that I love crafting so most birthdays and Christmases I’m gifted craft supplies. My mother-in-law also recently had a clear out and gifted me a big box of buttons, perfect for crafting! If you don’t have old buttons, you can buy them cheaply from Amazon or most craft suppliers.

The first thing we did was to choose the image we wanted to decorate. We chose a few (mostly because our printer can be a little temperamental so it’s best to get as much printing done while it’s working.I’m sure yours is the same, I”m convinced printers are the work of the devil).

Then the fun part! I had some glitter glue, but plain PVA will do. Carefully outline where you want to place the buttons. The glitter glue seemed less ‘runny’ than PVA so you may need to take more care if using PVA.

Smaller buttons fitted well, whilst I had a few medium ones for the middle areas. Looking at Tinkerbell, I chose a large button for her bun which I think worked well. Once all the buttons were in place, we carefully drizzled a little more glitter glue between the cracks to give it a little more pixie dust sparkle.

Then the hard – waiting for it to dry! I gently lifted it onto a wire rack because the glue had really permeated the paper and it was taking AGES.

And here it is! We’re really pleased with how our button picture turned out. If we do it again, I’d print the image on a quality card to try and get a crisper image and stop the paper from bending which would hopefully make it easier to frame. The toddler is really pleased with it and now we’ve framed it, she is looking for a good spot in her room for it. Now to dig out the buttons and do another one! I’ve seen some button art on Etsy, with some images selling for quite a bit of money so who knows, the toddler may become famous if we make a few more to sell!

Have you ever created any button art? What image did you create?

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