Make it Monday: Bubble doh!

Brrrr, the cold weather has certainly hit and with it a desire to sink down into a nice warm bubble bath.

I’m always trying to keep bath time fun and interesting for the Lamb, and we make a lot of our own toiletries, such as the geode bath bombs. She loves helping to measure and mix, and that’s before we’ve even added water! There are so many benefits to making your own ‘smellies’, from knowing exactly what is going in (and on!) to your skin, tailoring recipes to your skin type, it’s often cheaper to make your own per item than buying ready-made projects, to just using it as a fun learning tool.

We’d seen the bubble bath play-doh in Lush and I knew I wanted to attempt to make some myself. There is an abundance of recipes on Pintrest, but all seemed to use a generic liquid bubble bath mixed with cornflour and coconut oil, with optional colours and essential oils.

Hubby and the Lamb were dutifully sent off to buy bubble bath and they selected a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic bubble bath. I liked that it was fragrance-free as it meant that the Lamb could choose what essential oils she wanted to add.

For our first attempt, I carefully measured out a cup of bubble bath, followed by a tablespoon of melted coconut oil. However, the cornflour slightly exploded in the Lamb’s hands, covering all of us (the pup included!) in a fine white powder – we looked like ghosts celebrating Halloween early! As that threw out my measurements somewhat, we then added more bubble bath until the mixture was the consistency of play-doh. Some drops of essential oils then we split the mixture before adding different food dyes. I liked that the food dyes gave the play-doh a marbled effect but I’m sure if you mixed it for longer the colour would be more even.

Then it was time to add water (and wash off all that cornflour!). The Lamb and I had a blast making different creatures and people with our play-doh, as well as watching it all foam up. The other benefit is that the final cost of this project (excluding the essential oils and food colouring as we already had those) was £3.52, £1 for the bubble bath and £2.52 for the cornflour. This was a considerable saving on the Lush product and we have plenty of ingredients to make loads more play-doh. Once we’d finished playing (and had washed!) we simply popped the remaining play-doh in a sealable tub. It was a little hard when we used it the next day, but a little water and we were soon sculpting again.

So there’s our recipe! Hope you get mixing and let me know how you get on in the comments below! Happy bathing

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