Make it Monday: Birthday shenanigans Star Wars

Hubby’s birthday this year was slightly muted as I’ve been suffering from a nasty virus which is showing no signs of going so I wasn’t able to complete all the usual decorations I normally would. I had wanted to decorate the house, as we did for our Lord of the Rings party last year but instead had to focus on a smaller area.

We’re huge Star Wars Fans and I had bought or made assorted Star Wars things for hubby’s birthday so it seemed a fun idea to look to the stars for our decorations. The Lamb has also been studying space at preschool so it was timely to try and tie them together.

I’d been keen to do some ‘splatter painting’ with the Lamb for a while. I’m sure you’re familiar with splatter painting – load up a brush and flick the paint onto the paper. It worked well here as we had some larger droplets as well as some smaller ones which looked like planets and stars. I had forgotten how messy splatter painting can be as soon our kitchen was covered in paint! Still, crafting is supposed to be messy and we had a lot of fun.

It was a bit tricky organising hubby’s cake. We’ve all got our favourites here in Casa CH so, following a discussion on the merits of chocolate versus Victoria sponge, I settled on cupcakes as it meant that I could make everyone’s favourite.

Pintrest has a plethora of Star Wars inspired cakes but I loved this ‘light sabre’ idea. The cupcakes were a simple recipe from BBC Good Food and after splitting the mixture, I added some cocoa to the chocolate ones. A spoon of strawberry jam went into the plain cupcakes whilst I made my delicious chocolate ganache to top the chocolate ones (the recipe is below) and some jelly tots for decoration whilst the others were covered in green buttercream. My biggest challenge was finding a tray big enough to hold them all! Chewie stood guard over them, although it has to be said, the Lamb used her padawan skills to ninja some of the cakes away.

Last year I made hubby ‘Yoda’ and have been keen to add to his collection. My Chewie crochet pattern has proven to be a challenge so I made a ‘Leia’. I debated making her with her trademark buns and long white dress but for me, Leia is so much more of a leader in ‘Empire Strikes Back’. I still need to sew on her mouth but was happy with how she turned out.

As you can see, hubby also got some Star Wars themed gifts, with ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ and the hilarious ‘Goodnight Darth Vader‘ by Jeffery Brown as well as some Lego which we all had fun putting together.

Have you done a Star Wars birthday? Let me know in the comments below!



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