Make a Cherry Blossom Wall Hanging Decoration!

Make a Cherry Blossom Wall Hanging Decoration!

What is going on with the weather here in the UK? We had hoped for a lovely sunny summer but from the sounds of the rain bashing the windows, I think we might be hiding inside again. Which gives us the perfect excuse for crafting! 

I absolutely adore the delicate cherry blossoms when they bloom each year and spend far too long trying to get the 'perfect' photo of them so I thought we'd bring a little bit of spring into our homes with this fun and easy cherry blossom wall decoration from our Spring Craft Box.

I was inspired to design this craft activity by the gorgeous trees I see planted in neighbours gardens and from our own travels. Walking through temples and gardens seeing those delicate blossoms is always a cheering sight, isn't it? 

Did you know that cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan? It's a tradition dating back to the Heian period (794-1185) to go cherry blossom viewing with people nowadays vying for the best spots to sit and enjoy a special lunch under the blossoms. 

But we don't need to get up in the middle of the night to ensure we find the perfect blossoms with our fun kit. You can follow the video or scroll down for written instructions. This is a really fun craft to help improve fine motor skills in small children due to tearing and glueing the tissue paper but can also be enjoyed by older children and adults as a fun, relaxing make.

Cherry Blossom Video

How to Make a Cherry Blossom Decoration

Your kit includes a card cutout with branches on, different coloured tissue paper and recycled cotton yarn to hang it with. The biodegradable bag the kit comes in can be composted. To complete this craft, you'll also need paints or coloured pens and either stick or PVA glue. 

Cherry blossom craft kit from G Clark Hellery with template, tissue paper and string

Step 1: 

For Step 1 you need your card template. It doesn't matter which side you choose to colour, but make sure the two holes are at the top. Colour in the branches using paint, pens or pencils. You can use whatever colours you would like. You can add details with a darker colour to show knots in the wood or texture for bark. If you would like, you could also decorate the outside rectangle to give the illusion of a frame or window. 

Cherry blossom decoration

Step 2:

Now for the fun part! Take your tissue paper and tear off small strips or pieces. Screw them into small balls then using your chosen glue, stick your 'blossoms' onto the branches. Keep adding as many or as few blossoms to the branches as you would like, mixing the colours to give the illusion of flowers coming into bloom. 

Cherry blossom decoration with tissue paper.

Step 3:

Once all the glue is dry, attach the recycled cotton yarn to the holes at the top, then choose where to hang your beautiful decoration!

I hope you've enjoyed my video and the instructions for making a cherry blossom decoration. Be sure to check back regularly because I'll be making for instructional videos and do tag me in any photos of your makes because I always love seeing them. To see more of my makes, be sure to tag me on Instagram

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