Hop into Spring with our Spring-Themed Craft Kits!

Hop into Spring with our Spring-Themed Craft Kits!

It's a sunny day here in Devon today which must mean spring is on the way! After what feels like a long, cold and wet winter (I'm still drying out from a particularly damp school run in December!) I'm ready for spring. 

I had a bit of a crafting drought over Christmas because we were very busy playing board games and walking the pup so it was nice to receive an order for one of my spring craft boxes and rediscover some of my favourite crafts as I was putting the kit together. 

I say this about every craft kit, but the spring kit contains some of my favourite crafts: origami, card-making, stencils and more.

Origami was one of the first crafts I learned after a neighbour bought me a book for my birthday when I was about 7 or 8. It's such a fun craft and there are assorted studies into the benefits of origami for child development including developing spatial visualisation, hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, and mental health benefits to help you focus and relax. Our kit includes instructions and materials to fold two spring tulips. They are simple enough the Lamb and her friends have made a bunch (pun intended). Please note, the origami kits come in different colours and you may not receive the colours shown.

Lockdown meant a LOT of walks for us and frankly it got a little dull so we created these fun Bingo sheets so you can search for different items. We actually got quite competitive and it definitely made our walks more interesting. 

I got into colouring during Lockdown (who didn't?) and as a family we worked on a colour-in poster we bought in Disneyland Paris. I adore these beautiful colouring sheets in our spring kit. The designs are perfect for young children, but also older artists who want to add more details or shading. 

Word searches are always a favourite here. When we were travelling, I'd frequently pick up a book of word searches to help me learn a few words. Word searches have also been shown to improve concentration and spelling amongst other benefits and are good for young and old share a snuggle with your mini-human and find those words.

Two cards to let loved ones know you're thinking of them. I designed the bee and cut it out of Lino. Each card is hand-printed and comes with bright yellow locally-sourced wool-roving for you to decorate it.

I have to be honest and say we've not made full use of our shadow puppets yet. I had intended them to be a fun 'going to bed' tool for story-telling but we've not tried them yet. You can convert your delivery box into a 'stage' for your characters. Not keen on shadow puppets? Add some string through the hole and they become adorable bookmarks! I keep finding them in assorted books and they always make me smile.

Create beautiful pictures with our fun set of stencils made with recycled card.

Sing to the trees with our Wassailing song. Wassailing is a tradition here in the West of England. I stumbled on it one day while walking the day. There were lots of people in one of our local parks giving out warm cider before 'waking' the trees so of course the pup and I had to join in! We did it at home last year during lockdown and while the neighbours thought we were mad, it was lots of fun dancing around our little garden and I have to admit, we had a huge crop of apples!

The child in me always loves stickers and these adorable woodland animals, designed by @matt.clarkhellery, are one of my favourites. Printed on recycled paper, they currently are covering my laptop, but look great on notebooks, cards and more!

We were lucky enough to experience cherry blossom season in Japan. It was STUNNING and I've been a little obsessed with these beautiful flowers ever since. I designed this decoration with a cherry blossom theme so you can welcome spring into your home any time. Simply paint the branches (paint not included) then tear the tissue paper into small pieces, screw them up and glue them onto the branches to create small 'blossoms'. It's a fun crafting activity and the motion of tearing and screwing up the paper has lots of benefits for fine-motor skills as well as allowing your creativity to bloom.

Go wild with our set of face masks featuring a deer and a badger. Once you've coloured them in, attached the recycled cotton ties and run wild!

These adorable animal cut outs can be used for so many things. Create a woodland using your delivery box, then place them in the scene or tell a story moving them around. 

Photo of butterfly thaumatrope

My grandmother gave me a wooden thaumatrope when I was a child. I can't remember what picture was on it now but I do remember being fascinated watching it spinning around and the picture forming. We've designed this beautiful butterfly thaumatrope for you to colour, them spin. I can guarantee it will keep you entertained and 'in a spin'.

I think all parents will shudder at the words 'number bonds'. Homeschooling during lockdown was an education for us all as we as parents had to learn new lingo, while also teaching! To help our daughter learn her number bonds to 10 we created this fun and quirky set of lady birds. They were definitely well-used and we've also played snap and a memory game with them so they're multi-functional!

I don't know where to start with this adorable game. Printed on robust card and featuring the gorgeous rabbit designed by Matt, you need to stick the locally-sourced cream wool-roving to the counters then try to pin the tail on the bunny! I love the feel of the wool-roving on the counters and this game is a firm favourite with the Lamb's friends when they come around. 

As always, we've worked hard to ensure our kits are sustainable, using recyclable and recycled materials, while the bags used are made from bio starch and can go into your food waste bin. Crafting which doesn't cost the earth!

Like our spring box but want a smaller version? Check out our mini-spring! The same beautiful designs but fewer items. 

Come and join me packing an order! See all the items for our spring craft box as I get them ready for shipping.


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