Happy International Left Hander's Day!

Happy International Left Hander's Day!

And hello to you! It's always a happy days crafting here at Beagle HQ but especially so when we celebrate doing it left handed on International Left Handers Day!

As a south-paw crafter I've often felt a little cack-handed following other peoples instructions or videos, which I think is why I've tried to teach myself. I remember being taught knitting at school and the teacher not taking into consideration my left handedness so I was frequently told off for not following the instructions and my swatch turned out very wonkey (to this day I can't purl and instead just knit right handed back along my piece like a knitting machine!).

Photo of G Clark Hellery holding crochet hook, pen and pencil

So I got thinking about my own creative journey on this Left Handers Day, are lefties more creative? According to an article on the Education and Careers News website, left handed people are more likely to be creative, with famous creatives including: Marie CurieDouglas Adams, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Judy Garland, and Steve Jobs amongst so many others. 

But why is this? As reported by the Insider, various studies have shown that us lefties are more likely to use the right handed side of our brain while solving problems, allowing divergent thinking which leads to creative problem solving. We're also used to living in a right handed world so have learned to adapt our needs to what we have. It's a flexibility of thinking but also ability for complex reasoning which helps boost creativity. 

So what does being a leftie creative mean to me? Well, firstly, it means no one in the house is allowed to use my scissors (I know a lot of crafters are highly possessive of their scissors but now I've worn mine in I'm even more protective of them ). I'm joking (well, only a little) but I hope that being left handed gives me an awareness that the crafts I create and showcase can be enjoyed by anyone. I also hope that by persevering and learning to do things my own way, I encourage people of whatever handedness or ability to follow their passions and try anything.  

Are you left handed? What's your favourite craft? Let me know in the comments below.

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