Photo of G Clark Hellery with Donald Duck

Happy Birthday Donald!

It’s Donald Duck’s birthday! This grumpy chap is celebrating his 87th birthday today so hopefully some cake will cheer him up.Donald is one of our favourite characters to see when we go to Disneyland Paris. The Lamb had a Pluto toy one time we met him and he took it and hid it, gesturing that we should have a Donald toy instead. So, the next time we took a Donald toy, and, well, I think the photo speaks for itself…..

To celebrate this grumpy duck’s birthday, here’s a few questions. Find out if you’re a little duckling or a rubber duck.

Donald Duck Quiz (Answers below. No peeking!)

  1. What was the name of Donald’s first cartoon?
  2. Who created Donald?
  3. Where does Donald live?
  4. Do you know Donald’s middle name?
  5. In the ‘DuckTales’ series, we’re introduced to Donald’s sibling. Can you name them?
  6. Where does Della get stuck?
  7. Donald is put in charge of his three nephews. What’s their names?
  8. What’s Donald’s catchphrase?
  9. Donald is lucky in that he has two birthdays: one on 9th June, when’s the other?
  10. Who’s Donald’s long-suffering girlfriend?


Answers (No peeking!)

  1. Wise Little Hen in 1934. It was part of the Silly Symphony Cartoons.
  2. Walt Disney himself created Donald. He felt they needed a counter to Mickey’s ‘nice’ persona and I think that grumpy duck was just the character!
  3. On a boat in Duckberg.
  4. Fauntleroy
  5. Della 
  6. On the Moon.
  7. Huey, Dewy and Louie
  8. ‘Oh phooey!’ and ‘What’s the big idea?’
  9. Traditionally characters celebrate their birthday on the day their first cartoon premiered. However, in Walt Disney’s ‘The Life of Donald Duck‘ it was revealed Donald’s birthday was Friday 13th March, which explains his bad luck! It’s also the numberplate on his car.
  10. Daisy Duck, although his first girlfriend was called Donna as seen in the 1937 cartoon ‘Mr Duck Steps Out’

How did you do? Are you a member of Clan McDuck or a rubber duck? Let me know in the comments.


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