Disneyland Paris Birthday Quiz

Happy birthday Disneyland Paris! The park opened 29 years today. It was a mixed affair because, according to The Imagineering Story on Disney+, the French were not welcoming and even pelted Micheal D Eisner with eggs during the announcement that France had been selected as the site for EuroDisney. Their opening ceremony was muted to say the least and a quick google will bring up a plethora of articles detailing the financial difficulties the park has faced over the years.

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland Paris

However, despite its failings, Disneyland Paris (they changed the name from EuroDisney to Disneyland Paris in 1994. You can read more here) has always been a special place for us here at Beagle HQ. It was the first place Mr Beagle took me on holiday and it was the first place we visited as a family.

Mr CH and I at Disneyland Paris in 1998 and 2020

There are a lot of pros about visiting Disneyland Paris, some of which I covered in my ‘Why visit Disneyland Paris?‘. For us, it’s a manageable size, especially for little legs and travelling there isn’t too arduous with no jet-lag. We also get to meet some of our favourite characters and each trip has given us a new, memorable experience.

So, to celebrate Disneyland Paris’ birthday, here’s a quiz to test your knowledge. Let me know how you get on in the comments below. (Please note, photos are all our own and may not be used without express permission of the author).

Disneyland Paris Quiz

  1. What anniversary is DLP celebrating next year?
  2. What’s the name of the train ride and what film is it from?
  3. In Adventureland there’s a couple of characters in a boat. Who are they?
  4. What’s on top of the turrets of Sleep Beauty’s castle?
  5. What’s the name of the female sharp shooter in the Buffalo Bill Dinner Show?
  6. All the Disney Park’s castles belong to different princesses. Who does the castle in DLP belong to?
  7. Speaking of the castle, what’s unique about it?
  8. Who’s carriage sits outside ‘Auberge de Cendrillion’?
  9. What creatures are on the fountain outside the Ratatouille ride?
  10. What major city is near DLP?
  11. What can you have done in Dapper Dan’s on Main St?
  12. DLP has two parks, Disneyland and what’s the name of the second?
  13. What is Mickey training to be in Mickey and the Magician?
  14. How many different lands are there in DLP?


Answers (No peeking!)

  1. 30 years

    Hopefully the castle will have a nicer decoration than it’s 5th Birthday!

  2. Casey Junior from Dumbo
  3. Mr Hendrickson and Russell from UP
  4. Snails
  5. Annie Oakley(Sorry, I wasn’t able to get a show of Annie, so here’s Mickey & Friends)
  6. Aurora
  7. It’s the only one to have a dragon underneath it and snails on the turrets
  8. Cinderella’s
  9. Rats
  10. Paris
  11. It’s a barber shop. You can have a haircut and shave
  12. Walt Disney Studios
  13. A magician
  14. 5 – Main Street, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Frontierland and Discoveryland


If you’ve enjoyed this quiz, be sure to check out my other Disney Quiz’s and posts. You can also commission your favourite characters or animal ears via my Shop.

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