Creepy Kids

I love horror movies. I don’t mind if it’s murderous mamas, supernatural slashers or devilish dolls. However, one horror trope which always freaks me out a little? Creepy kids. Seriously, so many movies have focussed on creepy kids, either as the antagonist or the victim/only person who can see supernatural occurrences. I suppose it’s our cultural belief that children and innocent or ‘pure’ that makes it so shocking when they become blood-thirsty, murderous critters. Here I look at my personal Top 5 Creepy Kids.

The Babadook

I”m a huge fan of the Babadook and reviewed it last year for Women in Horror Month. Essie Davies is phenomenal as mum Amelia, but Noah Wiseman as Samuel holds his own as the little boy who is terrorised by the Babadook.

Pet Semetary

I remember watching Pet Sematary years ago during a movies-based-on-Stephen-King-books phase I was going through and being rather non-plussed. However, I gave it a rewatch recently and was genuinely creeped out. Ok, some of the effects are a bit ropey, but Fred Gwynne brought some of the lovable Herman Munster to his role as Jud, making his (spoiler alert!) ending at the hands of a zombie Gage (played by the cherubic Miko Hughes) rather sad. I’m looking forward to the new version, out soon.

The Grudge

I’m not going to lie when we moved into our new house, I was too scared to go into the loft (attic) for a loooooonnng time thanks to the kid from Jo-On: The Grudge, and who can blame me with those dark eyes highlighted by bright white skin and blank, murderous gaze. Definitely one of the scariest kids committed to film.

The Ring

Poor Samara/Sadako in the Ringu/Ring franchise. Ringu was my first foray into Japanese horror and I was traumatised for days. I’m sure there are those who’d disagree, but I think her representation in the Hollywood reboot was equally creepy. I remember watching one of these movies and just after watching the ‘video’ our phone rang. I’ve never been so terrified to get a call from a friend!

The Shining

These are two sisters I never want to play with. EVER! From Stanley Kubrick’s vision of the Overlook Hotel and its permanent residents, they’re the stuff of Stephen King’s nightmares!

Which kids have scared you in movies or books? Why do you think that is? Sound off in the comments below.

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