Creepy Crochet

Regular readers will know I’m a little addicted to crochet. In fact, I’d say addicted isn’t strong enough to describe my love of ‘hooking’.

A few of the dolls I’ve made, including ‘Sarah’ from Sarah and Duck, ‘Fawn’ from Tinkerbell and the ‘Wicked Witch’ from Wizard of Oz.

It took me longer than I’d hoped to learn how to crochet, but now I have, I find it incredibly relaxing (and there’s scientific proof!) as well as a little challenging! The Lamb keeps me busy with new Amigurumi projects and I’ve set myself a challenge to finish off the assorted projects and kits I’ve bought before buying any new wool.

The pup inspects my work. Finished ‘Eleanor the Labrador’ from Toft

One reason I wanted to learn to crochet was that I wanted to make a Totoro. I had seen so many beautiful patterns and I wanted to make one for the Lamb. It would be a while before I managed it, with assorted attempts at dinosaur applique but now I make scarves, keyrings, and so much more – check out my shop!

Since learning to make amigurumi, I’ve been working on assorted ‘creepy crochet’ and thought it would be fun to showcase some of my creepy makes for the Women in Horror Month daily challenge.

Some of my first makes – dinosaur applique with patterns by Of Lions


My makes

Last year I had a go at making Medusa. In some ways it was a tricky pattern, especially working out how to make all those snakes for hair, but I was really pleased with the end result. It’s a pattern I’ll be revisiting, hopefully as part of a larger project I have planned but in the meantime, I adore ‘Meds’ as she keeps a firm gaze over our home.

Wicked Witch

Last year the theme for my birthday was one of my favourite movies, ‘The Wizard of Oz’. My adorable family made me some beautiful decorations (and a yellow-brick road cake!) but I also wanted to make myself a ‘Wicked Witch’. I’m so happy with how she turned out, from her hook nose and crooked hat. I had planned to do a traditional witches dress, but instead created this strappy one which I think makes her a look very glamorous. I still need to make her a broom, and in my version, she may have got those ruby slippers from Dorothy.

Crochet witch my bluebeaglebaby

Jack Skellington

I think my love of all things ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ has been firmly established, from the poison mason jars to the wreath I made for my birthday. However, I truly adore the miniature Jack I made. He’s probably about 10cms tall but 100% non-scary. I even took him to Disney to meet the real Jack Skellington!

skeleton man


And while we’re talking Disney villains, are you ready to make a deal with the sea witch Ursula? There’s been some debate around if Ariel is a feminist or not, but for me, there’s no question that Ursula is the ultimate bad-ass!


And my most recent make – Scrump from Lilo and Stitch. Stitch was definitely one of the Lamb’s favourite characters when we went to Disney. She already has a Stitch teddy so I thought I’d create a little ‘Scrump’ to go with him. If you’ve seen the Lilo and Stitch TV show you’ll know poor Scrump is described as a voodoo doll and gets infected with an alien and becomes naughty, but I think our little gal is all good!

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