Captain Marvel shawl!

I’m so into Captain Marvel at the moment. Have you seen the movie? Brie Larson is fabulous in it and I can’t wait for the sequel (whenever that will be!).

I decided I needed a bit of a project to complete during Lockdown because obviously looking after the Lamb, doing homeschooling and trying to promote Blue Beagle Crafts wasn’t enough to keep me busy. I love shawls so thought it might be fun to make something featuring my favourite Marvel character.

Luckily I had stocked up on wool before Lockdown so I knew I had the red, blue and gold of Captain Marvel’s costume, but how to make a shawl which showed them off? I scoured Pintrest for inspiration until I found the ‘Amorous‘ shawl by Katja Löffler. I loved the lines and structure of the shawl and knew I could use it to create a fun Captain Marvel themed shawl.

The pattern by Katja is super easy to follow and works up really quickly. It doesn’t take long to see fab results. Her pattern suggests you use a 5.5hook but I used a 5 hook so it’s not quite as ‘loose’ as her photos. I love the ‘rows’ and I think it gives a really crisp look for the colour changes. I started the shawl in red, then switched to a lovely yellow which has gold thread running through it before changing again to that gorgeous blue for the rest of the shawl.

Of course, Captain Marvel is famous for the star on her costume. It was fairly simple to make and I’ll write up the pattern asap. I think it turned out really well and I’m tempted to make another to use as appliqué on another project.

The star detailing

I was struggling to work out how to ‘edge’ the shawl. I came up with the answer when I finished the shawl and realised it didn’t have enough red to match Captain Marvel’s costume. So I decided to repeat the first two rows from the pattern to create a slightly ruffled collar.

And here’s the finished shawl! I love the colours and how it drapes. It’s big enough to keep me toasty in the rain but also lightweight enough for cooler evenings.

Who’s your favourite Marvel character? Have you made something to show your love of your favourite character? Sound off in the comments below.

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