Calling all Secret Agents! New craft set available!

A quick message from Beagle HQ – we’ve got a new craft box available for all budding secret agents!

If you supported our 12 Days of Craftmas, you’ll have an idea what’s in store.

Again, all designs have been done exclusively for us by @Matt.ClarkHellery and feature an array of animal Secret Agents including a dog (naturally), crow, duck and rabbit.

In order to help your budding secret agent, each kit includes:

  • a HQ door sign so you can set up our Headquarters,
  • design your own Secret Agent ID card,
  • colouring sheets featuring our Secret Agents,
  • help Agent Crow catch the criminal by getting her through the maze,
  • discover your secret agent code name with our ‘find your Secret Agent name’ sheet,
  • spot the difference,
  • train your brain with our word search,
  • who will you be in our game of snakes and ladders with counters featuring our agents,
  • design  and sew (or glue!) your own wrist communicator,

    The wrist communicator includes blue felt and white felt ‘screen’ as well as sequins to decorate

  • keep your drinks safe with Agent Duck straw toppers,
  • a set of stickers with our agents, plus a range of disguises. You can either disguise your agents, keep your notebooks ‘Top Secret’ or decorate your photos,
  • send your friends coded messages with our cipher and message sheet.

Each kit is sent direct to your Secret Agent in training, stamped ‘Top Secret’.

So many fun things to do to keep little ones busy and learn new skills.

As always, our daughter has helped design the boxes, so we know that children will enjoy them. We also aim to encourage and build key skills such as sewing, counting, spelling and so much more. There are a number of studies relating to the benefits of children learning through play and we have seen first-hand the benefits to our daughter of entering an imaginary world where she can beat the baddies. In fact, it was watching her play that encouraged us to create the Secret Agent boxes in the first place!

If you would like to order one of our boxes, you can via our online shop or Etsy. You can also order additional sticker sets and even a personalised birthday card!

Also, be sure to pop back during the February half-term as we’ll be posting a special coded message each day for your Secret Agent to decode.

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