Bubbling Slime

Wow, we’re nearly at the end of another Woman in Horror Month. How have you enjoyed the daily challenges? I hope you’ve found them fun and had a great time getting ‘horrid’ with your little monsters.

Today we’ve been getting slimy! It’s evidently all the rage at the moment with the Lamb and her friends so we thought we’d try a few recipes. However, with some recipes using borax, or contact lens solution I knew we would need to think slightly outside the box to create toddler-friendly slime. Raiding the cupboards we ended up making two types of slime: the first with glue and shaving foam, the second a taste-safe fizzing version with chia seeds, bicarbonate of soda and corn flour. Read on to see how we did!

Blue Goo!

The first slime we made was with PVA glue and shaving foam. I bought a can of cheap shaving foam a while ago and have been thinking of different uses for it. The Lamb LOVED the shaving foam and thought it was hilarious as it shot out of the can and foamed up.


We kept adding more shaving foam so it looked like whipped cream

We mixed about half a cup of PVA glue with approximately two cups of shaving foam (we got silly with it so it was probably significantly more!). Some blue food colouring was added and we carefully mixed it all together. I loved the marbling effect the food colouring created


The end product was probably more ‘floim’ (fluffy slime) than the runny slime you can buy in stores but was still really fun and gooey between our fingers, plus smelled nice with the shaving foam.

Witches Brew Fizzing Slime
Soaked chia seeds with bicarbonate of soda and corn flour

Our next slime recipe takes a little preparation as you need to soak the chia seeds beforehand. We only had about a tablespoon of chia seeds so our batch of fizzing slime was small but you can easily increase the amount to create a larger batch. I’m going to say it’s taste-safe as everything we used (chia seeds, bicarbonate of soda, cornflour and food colouring) was straight out of our food cupboard but I wouldn’t recommend eating it as it wouldn’t taste very nice and I’m not sure what all that bicarbonate of soda would do too little tummies!

We used:

  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, soaked in approximately one cup of water until they were sticky
  • 2 tablespoons of cornflour
  • 5 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda
  • green food colouring (optional)

This was a little trial and error where we added our ingredients together then spooned a little out to test its fizz. When we sprayed it with vinegar, it reacted to the bicarbonate of soda, and started fizzing! If you want a bigger fizz reaction, then you can add more bicarbonate of soda, but this might make the slime a little harder to play with.

We loved how the reaction with the vinegar made the slime feel really cold and it was really cool to see it fizzing. It’s definitely one we’d make again. I think with the chia seeds floating in it and the green food colouring, it looks like a witches brew.

Have you made slime? Feel free to share your recipes below.

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