Amigurumay Day 7 ‘Hooks’

Amigurumay Day 7 ‘Hooks’

Wow, it’s already Day Seven of Amigurumay! That week’s just flown by! In case you’ve missed any of my posts, I’ve posted about the following prompts: ‘Hello Amigurumay‘, ‘My Project Bag‘, ‘Introduce Yourself, ‘Fantasy, ‘Dolls vs Animals‘ and ‘Photos and Props‘.

Today we’re looking at ‘hooks’.

Photo of crochet hooks used by G Clark Hellery

I’ve got assorted crochet hooks. When I first started crocheting I used a hook I’d been given. It was metal with no grip and 2.5mm so left me with awful blisters on my hand. I learned quickly the importance of decent crochet hooks! I think every maker has their favourite brand. My main set is by ‘Milwards’ and I like the soft rubber. You can tell my favourite hooks as I’ve worn indentations in them! I also have some bamboo hooks, one I got in a kit from ‘Toft’ and a ‘Soft Touch’ as well as my larger hooks by a brand I can’t remember (quick tip, write down your favourite brands!). I’ve seen some beautiful hooks including some with ball ends to roll in your hand which I might invest in one day.

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