Amigurumay Day 5 ‘Dolls vs Animals’

Amigurumay Day 5 ‘Dolls vs Animals’

Day Five of Amigurumay is ‘Dolls vs Animals’. 

Photo of crochet work made by G Clark Hellery

I’ve made a lot of different creatures since beginning my crochet journey 4 years ago. There’s been a couple of dogs (naturally, this being Beagle HQ), a wolf, giraffe, Meeko, the raccoon from Pocahontas, as well as some sea creatures. I love making animals, and am really pleased with how my 'bee' turned out. However, recently I’ve been focussing more on dolls.

Photo of a crochet bee designed by G Clark Hellery

My flower girls are very beautiful and so different. I’m planning to create a range of cards featuring them. Due to the wire in their arms and legs, they’re very poseable. 

Photo of crochet dolls designed by G Clark Hellery

As a massive fan of both Marvel and Star Wars I’ve been making some of my favourite female characters. The Lamb is now getting to an age where she’s enjoying some of the Marvel and Star Wars cartoons so is requesting different characters (Ghost Spider is very popular in our house so she’s been made in small and big forms). My current project is smaller Marvel girls and larger Star Wars characters. I like the small characters because they’re fairly quick to make but the larger ones can be a little more expressive and incorporate more details. Hopefully we can visit Disneyland Paris next year so I’ll take my Girl Squad.

Photo of crochet Star Wars and Marvel characters designed by G Clark Hellery

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