Amigurumay 2021 Day 4 ‘Fantasy’

Amigurumay 2021 Day 4 ‘Fantasy’

Day Four is Amigurumay is ‘Fantasy’. It’s safe to say I have crocheted assorted fantasy characters since learning to crochet, including wizards, witches, a unicorn and lots more.

I’ve always loved fantasy books and remember watching ‘Legend‘, ‘Lord of the Rings‘ and I was a massive ‘She-Ra‘ fan as a child.  Ironically I’ve yet to crochet a hobbit, orc, pegasus or ‘Lord of Darkness’.

Crochet wizard designed by G Clark Hellery

However, I’ve always enjoyed the villains in Disney movies so have started a little project making small, kokeshi-style dolls of different villain. I even took some to Disneyland Paris last year and they caused quite a stir when they tried to take over the castle.

Photo of G Clark Hellery in Disneyland Paris holding crochet dolls

Since visiting last year, I’ve made more villains and plan to make more. We’re hoping to visit Disneyland Paris next year, having had to cancel our holiday due to covid restrictions, so I’m planning to make more villains, although how I’ll get a good photo, I’m not sure! Who’s your favourite villain? I’ve always had a soft-spot for Hades but they’re all fabulous! Let me know in the comments below.

Photo of a crochet doll of Hades

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