Amigurumay Day 26 ‘Big or Small’

Amigurumay Day 26 ‘Big or Small’

Big or small? It’s a challenging question when designing a crochet buddy. 

Generally, my makes tend to be on the smaller side, mostly because I don’t have the patience to spend hours making larger pieces (if you read my article yesterday about Time, you’ll know how long even a small amigurumi can take to make).

Crochet characters made by G Clark Hellery

I also like the challenge of getting proportions right and incorporating a lot of details in a smaller piece, such as with my Captain Marvel. Check out her tiny star on her chest...

Crochet Captain Marvel designed by G Clark Hellery

or the assorted Disney Villains. They took a long time to design because I wanted to ensure I included all the details for each character.

Crochet Disney villains designed by G Clark Hellery

However, sometimes it’s fun to make something a bit larger and more cuddly. Even Chewie enjoyed having a cuddle with my Leia! Larger pieces allow for more obvious detailing but a detailed smaller amigurumi may take longer to make. 

Crochet Star Wars characters designed by G Clark Hellery

Which do you prefer? Big or small?

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my makes. I’m always open to Commissions, just or have a look in my Shop to see some of my other makes.

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