Amigurumay Day 24 ‘Throwback’

One thing I really enjoy about Amigurumay is getting to revisit some of my earlier makes. It’s really lovely to remember the different things I’ve made in my journey learning this wonderful craft. Whilst I do occasionally cringe at some of those initial makes, they’ve all taught me something and made my nest pieces better.

Assorted crochet dolls and animals by GClarkHellery
A collection of my early makes

I found this doll I made based on the main character from the kids TV show ‘Sarah and Duck’. I made it specially for the Lamb as a birthday gift and it was my first attempt at making a doll. I had no pattern and was working against the clock to get it finished. I she’s a slightly wonky shape and her legs needed to be longer but the Lamb adored her which was the most important thing. I learned how to create shapes, create oval eyes and most importantly do colour changing.

I then began experimenting with ‘all-in-one’ pieces to give the dolls a nicer shape and also limit the amount I needed to sew. We were watching a lot of Lilo and Stitch at the time so I created this small hula doll. I added wires to her arms and legs so she could be posed and it’s something I’ve used in many of my dolls since.
So there’s some of my throwbacks. So fun to see them again and know they’re all treasured gifts.

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