Amigurumay Day 22 ‘Something Blue’

Blue is one of my favourite colours. The ‘virus shawl’ was a very popular pattern and a great way to learn different stitches and how they cause pieces to shape and move. I bought three wool ‘cakes’ (how fun is it that wool comes in ‘cakes’) and created a shawl which is still one of my favourite items to wear.

Ironically, I only seem to use blue in my amigurumi as an accent colour. When I made ‘Demi’, the first of my flower girls, I used blue to reflect forget-me-nots as my plan is they’ll form a larger product range, with money raised going to Dementia UK.Crochet dolls by GClarkHelleryIf you read my post about cotton vs wool, you’ll know I like acrylic yarn to make ‘fuzzy’ hair like for Hades. I really love how the two tones of blue blend to really reflect his flaming hair.

Crochet Hades by G Clark Hellery
‘Is my hair out?’

I also used blue when making Ahsoka‘s montrals. I would normally hide the colour changes but looking at photos of Ahsoka, you can see the blues don’t meet up so I tried to use the join as a feature to make her look more like the character.  I was also inspired by some of of the online crocheters on instagram to add additional details to my dolls such as the blue around the eye. It’s just a small detail but really adds to the character, don’t you think?

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