Amigurumay Day 20 ‘Bee’

Amigurumay Day 20 ‘Bee’

It’s World Bee Day! These amazing little pollinators are absolutely key to plant life (and life in general!) and we need to be doing so much more to keep them safe. 

I’ve wanted to crochet a bee for a long time so today seemed the perfect opportunity. According to The Wildlife Trust, here in the UK we have about 270 species of bee, the majority of which are solitary bees. I think given the assorted lockdowns, I definitely feel an affinity for solitary bees! There’s loads you can do to help bees and insects in general, even if you life in a small garden like us. We created a special water bowl for insects to have a drink from. It’s just a shallow bowl with some large rocks for the insects to stand on while having a drink. We make sure it’s topped up with clean water each morning, especially on hot days. It was very exciting to see a wasp using it shortly after we put it out and we’ve seen other insects drinking from it as well. We’ve also created a ‘bug hotel’ which attracted bees, although if I’m honest, it needs a rebuild because after a few years the moss has disintegrated and I think it needs fresh bamboo. It’s one of our projects for the half term so fingers crossed we can attract some more solitary bees! We’ve also planted lots of wild flowers this year and given all the recent rain, I’m certain they’ll be flowering in no time! What do you do to attract insects in your garden?

Photo of crochet bee designed by G Clark Hellery

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