Amigurumay Day 15 ‘Something Yellow’

Amigurumay Day 15 ‘Something Yellow’

Blimey, we’re half-way through Amigurumay already! So far we’ve looked at cotton vs wool, photos and props and animals vs dolls amongst other topics.

Photo of crocheted giraffe made by G Clark Hellery

Today is ‘Something Yellow’. I’ve used yellow yarn in a couple of projects, mostly as an accent colour or for Captain Marvel’s hair (I love the gold streaks going through!). My main ‘yellow’ project is this giraffe. I bought the kit from Aldi and it came with the pattern, a bamboo hook, recycled yellow cotton and recycled cotton stuffing. There was so much yarn, I could easily have made a herd of giraffe! I love the colour of the yarn but find it’s a little scratchy for a bedtime buddy. However, as always with cotton, it holds it’s shape very well so stands proudly on the Lamb’s shelf. I really need to start using yellow more as it’s such as cheerful colour. Let me know in the comments what’ you’d like to see me make. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my makes. I’m always open to Commissions, or have a look in my Shop to see some of my other makes.

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