Amigurumay Day 11 ‘Stacked’

Amigurumay Day 11 ‘Stacked’

I’m so ‘stacked’ to show you today’s photo for Day 11 of Amigurumay, with the theme ‘stacked’.

Photo of flower girls designed by G Clark Hellery

My little ohana recently asked why I’ve predominantly crocheted female Marvel characters, why there’s only ‘flower girls’ and no ‘flower boys’ and why I’m slowly working my way through my favourite Star Wars women.

It’s a case of ‘if she can see it, she can be it’. I grew up watching Carrie Fisher play what to me was a Princess – none of this being kissed while sleeping or needing a knight to save you. My love of fantasy & sci fi has shaped who I am and I hope they’ll do the same for my own little warrior Princess.

Empowered women, empower women. Raise someone up today.

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