Amigurumay Day 10 ‘Inspiration’

Blimey, trying to list my inspiration for today’s prompt would take far too long. I think it’s very clear I love all things Disney, especially the villains…..

And of course the Star Wars universe…..However, I also love crocheting plants…..

as well as these cute Christmas trees…..

Of course animals are always a favourite…..As well as plenty of dogs…..

But my main inspiration is my little girl. I learned to crochet for her and all of my makes have been inspired by her: her interests, her latest favourite character, her favourite animals. Her love of live and curiosity about everything is what keeps me making!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my makes. I’m always open to Commissions, just contact me, or have a look in my Shop to see some of my other makes.

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