Amigurumay 2021 Day 2 ‘My Project Bag’

Amigurumay 2021 Day 2 ‘My Project Bag’

Day two of Amigurumay is ‘My Project Bag’. Ironically, I don’t have any unfinished projects in my project bag at the moment – highly unusual for me as I normally have a few different projects on the go. However, here’s my bag which I use to store my tools and other necessities.

Image showing crafting tools used by G Clark Hellery

I use one of the make up bags I made a while ago. They’re big enough to store a smallish ball of yarn, plus all my essentials. I always carry a little bunny tin which holds a tape measure, some pins, sewing needle and small scissors. My bag will also hold whichever crochet hook I need for that project as well as a pencil for writing patterns. There’s normally something which needs sewing up as well. Sewing up isn’t one of my favourite things so I always put it off. Currently I have an ichthyosaur brooch as we’ve been learning a lot about dinosaurs recently.

I keep the bulk of my tools in a small basket. I’m trying to be more organised so all my hooks are in a small cup, along with more pens and my ‘sharp’ scissors, as well as one of those head massagers. 

Crafting tools used by G Clark Hellery

As you can see, it also holds my notebook, a tin filled with my business stickers and assorted wires I use in my crochet. There’s also some handmade hand cream for dry hands and generally some stuffing. The project bag is useful for a specific project but my basket is my main storage space. I’ve learned that I need to be vaguely organised or I have a bad habit of losing bits of my kit. Searching for lost hooks means less time crafting!

How do you store your crafting kit?

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