12 Days of Giftmas: Day 8 Christmas Wreath

‘I’ve got my wreath, I’ve got my tree,
I’ve got Jimmy Stewart smiling at me.’ (from I can’t wait for Christmas written by Matthew W Hager and Mindi Abair)

I really love walking around the streets in December, looking at the different wreaths people have made or bought. My friend Jo, of ‘Handmade by Jo‘ fame has made some stunning wreaths this year including a gorgeous one featuring papercut robins. Wreaths have long been associated with Christmas, with some believing the circular shape and evergreens used to made them represent everlasting life.

I’ve been keen to try my hand at making a wreath. Sadly illness meant the larger project I had planned featuring a crochet wreath with Jack Skellington was postponed.

Resuing and reshaping

I decided to decorate a small wreath I’d made using twigs from an old witches broom decoration which had fallen apart (we love to reduce, reuse or recycle here at Beagle HQ!). It was a little tricky to make the wreath and was definitely a two-person job to bend the wider twigs into shape before binding them with jewellery-making wire. It was then a case of threading the smaller twigs around the base and loosely securing the lot with the wire. It may not be the neatest, but I like it.

There are so many ways to decorate your wreaths from the traditional holly or folliage to dried fruit or even characters but I chose to make some festive pom poms which were quick and easy to whip up and I think look festive.

I still managed to crochet

So my larger crochet wreath plan is on the back-burner but I did love making these adorable mini crochet wreaths, available now from my shop. I’d seen them all over Pinterest and just had to make a few, but I became a little addicted so a few became a LOT!

And just because…

I see this pun every Christmas and it still makes me laugh. I do love Aretha!

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