12 Days of Giftmas: Day 7 Bog Off!

Ah, the humble loo roll. I’m frequently mocked by friends when I say there’s not much I can’t do with a loo roll, some paint and a little imagination.

For shark week, we made a wrist cuff using a loo roll and tissue paper

Regular readers might remember the haunted house we made for Halloween and even a Mother’s Day vase with flowers. In previous years we’ve made reindeer using the Lamb’s handprint’s as antlers so this year we thought about what else we could make.

The haunted house we made from loo rolls for Halloween
Father Christmas and Rudolph

We always say, if we end the day in the same outfit we started it in, then we’ve not had fun and that’s certainly true of our Father Christmas and Rudolph. The Lamb and I had made Rudolph a few years ago, using her handprints to form his antlers, googly eyes and a button for his famous nose. Very simple, but I think effective. It was also pretty memorable as I seem to remember brown paint going EVERYWHERE! The joys of painting with tiny people.

This year I was keen to add to our collection so we decided to make Father Christmas and an elf. Like Rudolph, they were very simple to make, with some felt as their belts, cotton wool forming their beards and some coloured paper made into a cone for their hats. The Lamb decided to add extra paper to Father Christmas’ hat which I think looks a little like a spoiler and I can only assume makes him more aerodynamic.

It was less messy (only just!) than last time, but still, loads of fun and we got to talk about how Father Christmas used to wear a green outfit but it got changed to the more recognisable red.

Christmas Star

Now, I can’t take credit for the beautifully glittery star which the Lamb came home from preschool with, but Daddy Beagle and I LOVED it and decided it had to go on the top of the Christmas tree. The only problem was that it wouldn’t stay! Luckily we had our trusty loo rolls to hand. I simply painted one white to match the star, then glued it onto the back, then slid the tube and star onto the tree where it’s been shining brightly ever since.

It’s not just me that’s loo roll crazy!

We recently visited Killerton House to see their ‘Snow Queen’ themed decorations. They were stunning (as usual) and I was happy to see that they love their loo rolls as much as I do!

The handmade decorations at Killerton House featured toilet rolls as part of the Snow Queen’s palace
Amazing work on the Snow Queen’s palace

Have you used toilet rolls in any of your craft work this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

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