12 Days of Giftmas: Day 1 Cookie Cutter Printed Cards

Finland. Copyright G Clark Hellery

There’s so much I love about the winter season: colder days, all the lights, mince pies (I’ve made my own mincemeat this year so I’ll report back if they turn out well) but mostly the crafting inspiration the season brings. Last year the Lamb and I collected pine cones which we painted to look like Christmas trees, a free, but now treasured decoration.

I like to make many of my Christmas gifts as I feel it adds a really personal touch to an otherwise commercial time of year, and hopefully shows I’ve thought about the recipient and what they would really like or need, rather than battling through the supermarket to buy another generic toy/gift. I’ve previously made beauty products, including bath bombs, hand cream and a foot soak which have been gratefully received. The Lamb and I have also made decorations for grandparents Christmas trees and yummy treats for friends.

The Statista website suggested UK families spend, on average, over £800 at Christmas, with the bulk on food and gifts. Like most families, we’re looking to save money (see my Fun But Frugal Summer post) and whilst I’ve been putting money aside all year to be able to afford gifts, I also want to add a personal touch and make some gifts. I’m planning on making a range of gifts and thought it would be fun to share some of my (and the Lamb’s!) creations. Over the next 12 days, I’ll be posting about the 12 Days of Giftmas so I hope you’ll join me in crafting a fun, and frugal, Christmas.

I thought I’d start with making some Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards, both sending and receiving, especially when there’s the excitement of not knowing who it’s from. It’s lovely to have little notes from friends and relatives as well as pictures and more, all in a little envelope! It seemed to be a tradition when I was younger to troop with my friends to Woolworths to buy the boxed card sets: 30 cards with assorted Christmas scenes, or jokey cartoons if that was your preference. There was also the year when it was all about cute animals in the snow. As I’ve got older I’ve started making my own cards (have a look in my shop. I’ve got cards for every occasion!). It’s a relaxing, but one which leaves you with a beautiful, and personal gift.

This year I wanted to make a standard card which we could then personalise for each recipient. I thought about different ideas, then settled on a simple printed card using a tree cookie cutter.

The process is super simple. I put a small amount of ink on my inking tray and made sure my cutter was fully inked before pressing it firmly onto the card. There were a few uneven patches, but I think that adds to the uniqueness of the card. I then added, what else, but a dog paw instead of a star.

And these were my basic cards, printed on brown and white cardstock.

Now the fun bit: adding the decorations. For some, I used Christmas themed stickers…

And there’s some which the Lamb as decorated. Glitter was still flying when I was typing this, so I’ll have to show you the rest of her creations another time, but here was her first attempt, which is apparently snow falling.

On others, I added something a little more special – but more on that tomorrow!

So there you have it. Day one of 12 Days of Giftmas. I hope you liked the cards I made and do pop over to my shop as there are loads of lovingly handmade gifts looking for a new home.


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