12 Days of Craftmas: Day 8 Mini Christmas Trees - Geraldine Clark Hellery

12 Days of Craftmas: Day 8 Mini Christmas Trees

It’s day eight of our 12 Days of Craftmas!

So far we’ve written our letters to Santa, made our pom pom garland, decorated our Christmas cards, cut and stuck our paper chains, made sure Rudolph could be heard by adding his Christmas bell and made a tassel for our Christmas star and coloured in our baubles for the tree – or a gift!

Today I thought we could decorate your mini standing Christmas trees. This is such a fun craft and you can use assorted bits from your box, including some of the small pieces in with your gift bag and also the paper raffia that was used to tie your cards. A great way to create a beautiful unique decorate while ensuring nothing in our kit is wasted.

In your kits, you’ll find four trees, two with stars on top and two without as well as four glittery stars in silver and gold. (Please note that my trees are a different colour because they’re some of our prototypes).

For today’s craft you’ll need glue and whatever pieces you’d like to use to decorate your tree. Check out my video on Instagram for a video guide. If you can’t access the video, check out the instructions below.


  1. Carefully remove the paper trees and stars from the cellophane bag. Remember these are made from potato starch so pop it in your food caddy or compost.
  2. Take one of the trees with a star on top and gently slip it on to the tree without a star. You can choose to either have both trees the same colour or mix them up!
  3. Decorate your trees with whatever pieces from your kit or around your home that you would like. You can use runny glue to secure your pieces. I used the raffia that had tied our Christmas cards to create ‘tinsel’.
  4. When you’re finished, you can place your trees on the mantel or send them as gifts to loved ones.
  5. Take a photo and make sure you use the hashtag #12daysofcraftmas so I can see your makes!

12 Days of Craftmas boxes

It’s not too late to buy your 12 Days of Craftmas kit. Simply order via Etsy or direct from Beagle HQ and we’ll aim to ship it to you ASAP. Please note, our last shipping date is 16th December and due to ongoing Coronavirus issues, the post office is slightly slower than we’d like at the moment so allow extra time for your delivery to arrive.

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